The story of six + kelsey

six + kelsey activewear is the creation of founder and CEO Kimberly Beckford.  From day one, Kim wanted her collection to break down the barriers to accessing quality, stylish, and affordable sports apparel for any woman—curves and all—who desires a more active lifestyle.  Every garment has been thoughtfully designed to prioritize size inclusiveness, fit, comfort, style, quality, multifunctionality, and price.

What’s In a Name: The name of the company is inspired by parts of Kim’s life.  Kim is a June Gemini (hence, the number six).  Kelsey is the street name of her childhood home where she rode her bike for hours, climbed trees, and regularly explored the woods in her neighborhood.  Kim’s childhood is the foundation for her fearlessness, independence and athleticism. six + kelsey activewear reminds Kim that when women are capable of fearlessly moving forward.

Meet Our Founder: Kimberly Beckford
Like so many women, Kim has battled weight problems for years. As a plus size woman, Kim is used to the challenges of buying workout clothes that fit properly, looked attractive, and were comfortable and affordable. What she found was part of expensive subscription plans or limited to a few styles and colors at big box stores.

The task of finding clothes for an active lifestyle loomed even larger—pun intended!  This time, instead of settling for workout clothes that were less than perfect for her size and frame, Kim took the bold approach to create her own line of activewear. Hence, six + kelsey activewear was born.

Why an Elephant for your brand logo? Aside from it being one of the most majestic creatures in the animal kingdom, elephants have long been considered a sacred animal.  In different cultures across the world, the elephant is a symbol of good luck, nobility, wisdom and protection.  Elephants are highly intelligent. They can identify languages, use tools, understand human body language and show empathy.  Best of all, elephant herds are a female-dominated society.  The matriarch oversees every herd, and therefore, is the most important keeper of memory.